FUTURE carnivores 
Mankind has been eating animal’s for 2.5 million years. Over the next few years, we are going to witnesses a radical change in the meat industry and the meat we're eating. In-vitro meat (lab grown meat)  will start gaining popularity, and will arrive to market sooner than we think.
I was wondering how this change will affect our user experience with meat, how will everyday moments like: eating, cooking and purchasing meat will look like? 
In my project, I imagined a future scenario where in-vitro meat is the main source of protein. A future where animal meat is no longer needed. 
The objects I created are artificial ceramic bones. They function as tools for eating and cooking meat -  The bones are a strong reminder of the animal we used to kill in the “past”. They are here to remind us what savage hunters we were and emphasise the major gap between the brutality of killing an animal for food, and the sterile process of growing meat inside a lab.